Urogulf Certificate Delamination Services

Q) Why people laminate documents?

People laminate documents so as to

  1. Enhance and preserve colour and contrast to images.
  2. Provide long-term protection of documents that need frequent handling so as to make them practically indestructible.
  3. Avoide creases, wrinkles, sun damage, abrasions, tears, smudges, fingerprints and grease marks.
  4. Protect from - spills, rain and chemicals.

Q) Situation provoking them to delaminate

Every Indian citizen seeking migration to some countries abroad needed to authenticate his/her educational qualification duly attested by the competent authority.Some of the State or Central Government authorities in India do not accept the laminated certificates. In all these cases, the authorities would ask the lamination to be removed.

Q) Problems in delamination process

  1. High temperature during fabrication pressing;
  2. Variable thickness of applied lamination material;
  3. Insufficient fabrication pressing time;
  4. Insufficient or excessive glue use;
  5. Moisture content too high in any base material;
  6. Unsuitable glue to the environmental conditions.

Q) How urogulf can provide secure delamination services?

Urogulf, the pioneer in certificate attestation is the first and only registered attestation company in India. We also provide the world class service in delamination of documents. We have got a well set of professionals to handle this process. We have over 10 years of experiance in lamination and delamination of documents.